Eric Allen: Lead Vocals
Mike Edward: Lead Vocal & Guitar
Ty Lebsack: Bass
Daryl Seymour: Drums
Mr. Tidy Paws: Alto & Baritone Sax
Kris Wiedeman: Trombone
Grant Lange: Trumpet


"HDH were right up there with the best live acts I've encountered." - Chain-Whipped Magazine

Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades are a six piece band that rocks and rolls like a trailer in a tornado. Combining solid rhythms with powerful horns their music is guaranteed to get you moving. Ballsy and melodic at the same time, the bands live show attacks the audience like a pissed off pit bull sporting a mullet, high on a case of Pabst. Enthusiastic audiences across the nation have been giving their approval in spades. Bottom line: They are one Bad Ass Band.

"Most action-packed vigorous music I've heard in a long time." - In Music We Trust

HDH exploded on to the scene after playing their first show to a sold out house at the Arizona Music Awards. Soon they were selling out shows and across Arizona and creating a buzz wherever the played. It didn't take HDH long to catch the attention of swing/ska label Slimstyle Records, who immediately snatched them up. Shortly after this in late 1997 HDH released their debut CD "Armed and Swingin'."

"In short, these guys rock." - North County Times

In 1998 HDH received the honor of being voted Best Swing Band in Arizona, as well as Best Live Show, and of course Best Dressed Band. These honors didn't go unnoticed by audiences in other states. The Missoula Independent stated "HDH turns it up a notch, and knocks music into a new level....they attack with a swagger a lot nastier than many of their cohorts."

"Go to your local record store and demand Armed and Swingin, you won't regret it." - Scratch Magazine

Scenesters across the country are beginning to see the light in part due to HDH's touring schedule. This hard working band has played a gig in 38 of the 50 states. While doing so HDH has shared the stage with swingers such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Review, and The Atomic Fireballs, ska bands like Reel Big Fish, The Aqua Bats, and Golfinger, rockabilly cats such as Lee Rocker, The Amazing Crowns, The Paladins, and Big Sandy, alternative rockers like The Phunk Junkiez, and Jimmy Eat World, as well as other bands playing everything from funk to punk to metal.

"A lotta fun in a little plastic package...Armed and Swingin is certain to keep your party jumpin'" - Lo Fi Magazine

HDH can also be found on a multitude of compilation CD's, and their music has been featured on the Fox Sports Network syndicated show, Board Wild, as well as in blockbuster movie Me Myself and Irene and the 2000 Summer Olympics.

"Solid, Bright and Piquant" - The Arizona Daily Star

"Impressive and Aggressive...every song is excellent" - Any Swing Goes

"Hipster Daddy-O continues to innovate trends in music" - Iowa State Daily

"Dressed to the nines, with a big brass sound, fuzzy guitars and some serious attitude HDH packs their instruments like weapons of destruction." - The Vail Daily

Hipster Daddy-O Can Be Contacted The Following Ways:


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