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Here it is all the cool stuff your heart could desire. So drop some dough on a T-Shirt or blast some cash on a HDH CD.


Diesel - $14.00


Armed and Swingin' - $14.00


T-Shirts With HDH Logo On Front



"Daddy-O's Girl" Baby Doll Style T-Shirt


























CD's and MP3 files can be ordered directly via your credit card using a PayPal account


Payment should be made via PayPal to hdh_mail@yahoo.com

If you have any question regarding how to use PayPal for ordering, or how to set up an account please visit the PayPal website or click on this link Instructions

Simply send an email to HDH_mail@yahoo.com stating which CD's or MP3's you would like to purchase and how many copies of each. Be sure to include a shipping address for CD's.

Prices above include standard postage to anywhere in the U.S. Postage to foreign countries may be slightly higher. Please allow two to three weeks for shipping.