2/14/2002 Valentines Day is here and the feeling of love is in the air, or at least in the naughty bits. What better way to celebrate this auspicious occasion than to crank up some good ole HDH rock and roll with the one you love! Remember there is no better way to say "I Love You" than with a Hipster Daddy-O CD. Now that the gratuitous plug is out of the way you may notice that we have a new poll question up asking what is your favorite CD from yours truly. Go Ahead take the poll and let us know what you think.

6/2/2002 I know it has been a while since we have updated the news section of the website. To start off we are once again rocking the stage with the original Daddy-O Eric Allen on lead vocals. His talents are back in full force making HDH the most exciting live band you'll ever have the pleasure to see. The results from the last poll asking you to name your favorite HDH album were as follows: 59% Armed and Swingin' 34% Diesel and 7% said they liked NSYNC. Must be that Lance Bass going into space with the Russians.

8/15/2002 Well, well it seems once again that Hipster Daddy-O was voted best swing band at the TAMMIES. Can any one say five-peat? You heard me right... five years in a row! We would like to give some big props to all our hommies who took the time to cast a few ballots our way. There are a few new MP3 files on the audio page...so download at will you little monkeys...just down't download in your pants.

06/17/01As you may have noticed our webpage has received a bit of a makeover. It was time to put some new makeup on the old girl...so to speak. The website is not the only new thing happening with HDH. We have been hard at work writing some new tunes, as well as giging around good ol Arizona. We have also put a poll asking the question "What is your favorite HDH song?" So go ahead and let us know what you think.

8/17/01Starting off let me announce to ya all that yours truly HDH, claimed the 2001 TAMMIE Award for Best Swing Band. That makes 4 years in a row. We just want to thank everyone who voted. Hopefully we'll make it five in a row next year. We also want to mention that we had a blast playing with The Amazing Crowns up in Phoenix..those guys are one hell of a band on and off the stage. It was a great gig, those of you that were there know what I'm talking about, and if you missed it...get off your butts and come check out the circus that is ... HDH!


The time to the big CD release party is drawing near. For those of you who don't know HDH has a new CD that will be hitting the shelves of record stores coast to coast and around the globe. The title of this musical goliath is "Diesel", and I ain't tellin' no lies when I say it it packs one hell of a punch. Twelve hi-octane songs made the final cut. The overall vibe of the CD is faster, harder, and louder. Those of you who have seen us live know what kind of energy we pack into our performance... I believe this CD has a bit of that same energy that makes us unique among our contemporaries. Speaking of live music... the show is going to start at 10:00pm, and will be at the main outdoor stage. It should be awesome, we have yet to experience anything other than a full out, ball bustin' blast at the Club and Fall Crawl. Besides the musical and visual onslaught of yours truly there will be over 100 bands on 20 stages...that's right 100 bands. How much dough do I have to shell out you ask ? The answer...Five Bucks. You can't even get a decent lap dance for that price anymore, you can barely eat at Taco Bell for that price....and yet on the glorious night of October 7th you will be able to witness not only HDH but 99 other, (granted less exciting), bands for the price of a few Gorditas. That my friends is one hell of a deal....don't take my word for it though come down and see it for yourself. Have a couple cocktails and let you freak flag fly.
First off I finally got those MP3 samples uploaded, so if you are so inclined to have a listen just click your mouse on over to the audio portion of our website and download at will ... just make sure it doesn't happen in your pants ... that can be messy.
Speaking of downloading in your pants did anyone see the Olympics the other night ? Let me just say there is a "Daddy-O's Girl" out there with a gold medal in gymnastics. For those of you who don't know ..... Russian gymnast Elana Zamolodchikova (try pronouncing that name after a few cocktails) performed her floor routine to our hit song "Daddy-O." I as well as the rest of the band would like to congratulate her and her team on winning the team silver as well as their impeccable taste in music. We'd like to think we had a little something to do with her taking home the gold. Also a little advice for Team USA ... HDH in 2004 and the gold is yours baby ! In all seriousness the band feels truly honored that Elena would choose to use our music in her performance, especially at an event with such great importance as the Olympic Games. Needless to say all of us in the band thought it was really cool.
Well that's about it for now. Keep your eyes open for "Diesel" at you local record stores, it should be hitting the shelves sometime around October 10th.
I have some big news for you...and no it doesn't involve Napster, The Presidential Election, or Brad Pitt getting hitched. The news is that we have finally got a release date set in stone for our CD "Diesel". It is due to be in a record store near you on October 10th. Let me say that we are damn glad to get this baby in stores and hopefully into your greasy little hands. The CD will be distributed via Ryko/Palm Pictures so it should be much easier to find in your local record store and as always you can still get copies directly from us or Slimstyle as well as Amazon, CD Now, ect. I will also be uploading a few MP3 samples from "Diesel" soon...so check the audio portion of the website and get ready to crank up the Winamp for some delicious digital Daddy-O MP3 style.
I also want to mention some other happenings with good ol' HDH. As you know by now "Me Myself and Irene", apart from being one over the top funny movie, includes one of our kick ass songs. Form the numbers it looks like this could end up being the number one comedy of the summer. My theory behind the success of this film involves one simple ingredient....you guessed it HDH. Just a little 411 for all you directors and producers out there...if you want a blockbuster you have got to call Hipster Daddy-O.
Okay..enough already of the self promotion.... the last thing I wanted to mention is that once again we have received "Best Swing Band" award at this years TAMMIES (Tucson Area Music Awards). The band wants to thank all of the people who voted for us as well as the people that came out to pack the clubs and the streets in order to show their support for local music and have a damn good time doing it. We had one hell of a blast playing the festival this year.
The big news is that your favorite band as well as mine ...(No not Metallica) has landed a song in a big budget summer blockbuster type movie. What's the name of this movie ? ... You say ....Who's the star ? ... When will it be in theaters ? ... Easy my inquisitive, impatient friends. Everything will be answered in due time.
Let me start by saying that the name of the movie is "Me Myself and Irene." It stars some actor by the name of Jim Carrey...(I haven't heard of him either...they tell me he is really funny though...the studio big wigs see a bright future for the kid ..whatever) This fine piece of cinema is also directed by the Farely Brothers (I guess they had a couple hit movies..uh... what were the names..oh ya.. "Dumb and Dumber "and "Something about Mary") The movie is slated to be released in theaters everywhere on June 23rd. Now on to the important stuff .. our song. In the infinite wisdom of song picker guy ..(that is his actual title..trust me) the HDH song "The Perpetrator" was chosen for a chase scene in the movie. Trust me when I say this...chase scene without the song...a little flat, a little slow. Chase scene with Hipster Daddy-O rocking away in the background... better than the chase scene in "The French Connection", better than the chase scene in "Ronin." What makes the difference ? ... One acronym my friends ...HDH.
For a sneak peek check out www.memyselfandirene.com hope to see you there this summer.
Well....as you probably already know, the new CD "Diesel" has still not been released. We were initially told it would be out in September, then October, then January....well you get the idea. Our record label does assure yours truly that the CD will be released. This should happen sometime before June...but don't quote me on that...right now your guess is as good as mine. It's not all bad news boys and girls....except for the CD situation HDH is still kicken' ass and taken' names....hell now we're even doing it on a global scale. The most recent country to "feel the love" that is HDH is none other than Germany. Yes...they love their beer, borst, and Hipster Daddy-O. HDH was recently featured in the October 1999 issue of Rolling Stone Germany. Yes ...the Rolling Stone...wow I gues we've made it....In that issue you will find a nice little picture and article (from what I could read....my German isn't too great).
As well as being the new Darlings of the Deutchland....HDH may also be coming to a theater near you. Right now we're in talks with two indie movie makers about using our songs in their films. If all goes well you'll have some HDH music to keep you warm at Sundance next year. This is still in the initial stages but I'll keep ya posted as things develop. Well...that's the scoop, the dirt, and the news....so until next time.....
I know.... I know it has been a long time since I have dished the proverbial dirt. What can I say we've been really busy putting the finishing touches on the new CD, which looks like it should be out around late September. I'll be sure to post the release date as soon as we get it. As for other news our last little tour went great. We had some great shows in Ohio, Detroit, Denver, and Chicago. Oh...a Big THANKS to Nick Cage at 93.3 KTCL in Denver. HDH did a radio interview on his show The Adventure Lounge where the entire show was dedicated to playing tracks off Armed and Swingin. We also had a great time in Toledo playing with The Atomic Fireballs. Thanks also to Mike Schick at BMG for taking us out to see Motorhead in Detroit on our night off. (Let me just say those boys were loud...and I've seen Kiss and AC/DC live) That's about it for the dirt..oh we also met the one and only Baawitdaba Kid Rock at the State Theater in Detroit. We we're pulling up to unload our equipment and he was doing a photo shoot for some magazine. He was pretty cool and made it known that he dug our RV.....at least he's got taste.
Before I go I want to talk about the new logo. I had no idea that this simple picture would create so much controversy. At the most I thought we would get a letter from whoever controls Betty Pages estate asking us to stop using her likeness. Anyway via email and our guestbook we have received numerous opinions on the new logo. So far its about even..half of you love it, the other half hate it and find it offensive. Let me first say that I in no way ever intended to offend anyone...I don't consider the image pornographic or in bad taste. It is not even an actual photograph but a cartoon based on the likeness of Betty Page. I think there are worse things than a semi nude form...why is it you can show someone getting riddled with bullets, or dead decaying bodies over in some foreign country on the prime time news, but not nudity? I personally find death and killing much more offensive and grotesque than the human form. I don't know about you but I think it is a hell of a lot more healthy for people to view images of other living people, be they clothed or not, than dead and murdered people. Anyway to get to my point if you have an opinion on the logo please email us at HDHemail or sign our guest book. If we get more "I Like It's" the logo stays, if we get more "I Hate It's" the logo goes. I guess that's about it....feel free to voice your opinion.
Well....where to start?..We're still working hard on the new CD. It looks like there should be a release date around late July or early August..although no firm date has been set as of yet. We have got a title though..."Diesel"...All that is left to do is mix the sucker and send it off to manufacturing. In the mean time, however, we'll be hitting the road for a couple of weeks. Speaking of the road....hats off to the law enforcement community in the good ole USA. While we were on our last little jaunt we were stopped and had our RV searched no less than three times. The reasons the cops gave us for pulling us over ranged from driving 57 m.p.h. on the freeway, to having a mud flap that was "hanging too low"......Our little visits with officer friendly always ended the same every time..." Do you mind if I search your vehicle?" Being the good boys that we are, we were let go every time with not one ticket. (On one of our stops the searching officer did find a handgrenade. You should have seen the look on his face. For a split second he looked like he had found the Holy Grail, until he realized that it had been hollowed out. Once again we were released.) We were kind of hoping to get on "Cops"...Oh well. Until that "Cops" thing does happen you will be able to hear HDH's music on another nationally syndicated television program. The show "BoardWilde" will be using the music of yours truly in upcoming programs. The show can be seen on The Fox Sports Network on Mondays at 5pm and 1am pacific. So if your into surfing, skate boarding, extreme sports, or just Hipster Daddy-O and have cable....do yourself a favor and...check it out!
It looks like its going to be a great year for Hipster Daddy-O. Let me start out by saying that we had a blast on New Years Eve in Las Vegas. The show was smokin' and the whole energy of the city was electric. On a side not we didn't get to meet Whitney Houston. (I don't think she was mingling with the public too much.) We did, however, get to meet Mr. Achy Breaky himself...Billy Ray Cyrus...I know what you are thinking...but he was actually a really cool, down to earth guy. In other celebrity news we also got to meet Rick Dees, and Harry Connick Jr. Okay enough of the Entertainment Tonight stuff.
The really big news is that we are currently working on our sophomore album for Slimstyle. We actually just finished laying down the drum and bass tracks today, and most of the guitar as well. So far everything is going great... we've recorded 15 hard driven', butt shakin', sweet soundin' songs for the CD. We may cut the number down a bit when this thing gets ready to be mixed...we'll just have to see which songs make the grade. If all goes well the CD should be released everywhere sometime around June or July of this year.....So keep your eyes peeled.
Due to our recording schedule we obviously won't be touring in the near future. The plan is to get back on the road about mid April. Until that happens we do, however, have a gig at The Hard Rock on March 4th in Los Angeles. The show is to kick off the release of "Swing This Baby II " out on Slimstyle/Beyond/BMG. Our song "The Perpetrator" will be included on this must have CD, as well as tacks by tons of other bands doing that "swing type thing." Thats about it for the news for now.......or is it...?...?
Hey there kiddies. I just want to start out by saying that I'm trying to recover from an overdose of turkey, stuffing, ect.. from the holiday festivities...and on that note I want to thank all of you who sent email wishing good ole Hipster Daddy-O a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Also along those lines it looks like it's going to shape up to be a pretty good new year indeed. HDH is going to get things started off right in the city of sin itself...Las Vegas. It should be a blast, we are going to be performing at The Rio. (If were still standing and sober by show time that is) Guess who else is going to be there ?.....Come on guess already...None other than Whitney Houston. So if I get any dirt on her you'll here it here first (that is if Bobby doesn't kick my ass)
After our big New Year's party we'll be hitting the road yet again. As you may have noticed we've been touring through some pretty cold climates lately. We've been through the mid west and rocky mountains and I can tell you that we've been freezing our lilly white Arizona butts off. (I think our booking agent has it in for us...I keep telling him we should really look into that tour of Hawaii and the south pacific islands...oh well) Thanks to all of the great people we've met and the crowds we've played for it has all been worth it. Luckily nothing warms you up like hitting the stage and playing to a kick ass crowd. Well until next time as Whitney says..."I..eee...I..will always lo..ove yo..oo.ou !"
Happy Halloween ! I'm just sitting here typing, and eating away at a Twix Bar I traded some kid a piece of gum for (SUCKER). We've got big Halloween show tonight here in Tucson at The Rialto Theater in a couple of hours .... so I need my nourishment.
I've received a couple of emails asking why I haven't updated the news in a few months. First let me apologize for my slacker ass, and assure those of you that were so kind as to ask, that I haven't been abducted by aliens or quit the band to deal Black jack in Vegas (although I think that probably is my true calling......either one aliens or Blackjack...you take your pick). My only excuse is that we've been so damn busy touring I've only been home a total of two weeks in the past three months. A lame and un-exciting excuse I know but I'm sticking by it !
Anyway to get down to the news,.... a lot of great things have been happening with Hipster Daddy-o. First off we just inked a distribution deal with BMG. Basically what this means is that our CD will be a lot easier to find and will be available at a whole lot of record stores in the good ol' U S of A and several other countries as well.
The other big news item is that this web site will soon be changing its address. This should take place around the first of December, and the new address will be www.hipsterdaddyo.com. So be sure to change your bookmarks and tell everyone you know. I guess that about does it for this installment. If anything else newsworthy happens I'll try to eventually get around to posting it. Until next time.......
Here is some new news right off the bat. HDH has acquired a brand spankin' new email address. The new email address is HDHemail@aol.com. Due to our heavy touring schedule we wanted to get an account that would allow us easy access from the road. Speaking of the road ... Despite the fact that our RV (now referred to by the band as the "Titanic") broke down a couple of times, ...We had a blast on the last leg of our tour! The gigs went really well and we got a great response at just about every place we performed. Meeting cool people sure makes those long overnight drives in between gigs worthwhile. Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows and danced, drank, ect...and to those who didn't...."What ya' waitin' for ? Get off your ass and grab your grippers Jack !"
The great reviews on "Armed and Swingin'" keep comin' in. The album got a great review in issue #9 of Lo-Fi Magazine. Hipster Daddy-O is also briefly featured in a new book that chronicles the resurgence of swing music entitled "Swing: The New Retro Renaissance." The book is published by V/Search and is available at most book stores through out the country.
Well it looks like Hipster Daddy-O is going to be traveling the highways and biways of this great country very soon. We've been working feverishly booking gigs from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between. I received an email yesterday asking "How do you feel about going out on the road full time ?" I responded to this inquiry in the following:
As I ponder what may come of this great adventure my thoughts turn to those who went before, Jack Kerouac, Hunter Thompson and the like. I hope for freedom, a spiritual awakening, and to discover the meaning of this crazy thing called life. Like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly I hope to shed my skin in layers upon layers leaving nothing but flaking flesh on the highway staring at me in the rearview mirror.......Seriously, I hope that I play well. I hope that I get enough sleep (I know I won't...I never do). I hope I have a damn good time. I'm looking forward to meeting cool and unusual people...... most importantly I want the band to kick ass...after people leave our show I want them saying "that is one of the best bands I've ever seen !"
Greetings and Salutations ! There has been a whole lot of new and interesting things happening with HDH. First the band received a couple of awards at the TAMMIES (Tucson Area Music Awards). HDH walked away with Best Swing Band, Performance of the Year, and last but not least Best Dressed Band ( There would have been hell to pay if we lost that one ! ) The band also performed to the largest crowd of the night at the Club Crawl portion of the TAMMIES. The Rialto Theater had well over 1,000 screaming, swinging people partying there asses off to the sweet sounds of Hipster Daddy-O. We would just like to give a big thanks to everyone who voted for us and showed their support for local music by packing the clubs and streets on that lovely April night, and for those of you that were at The Rialto for our performance...all I can say is... WOW. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd of people having such a good time. ( Were they giving the Liquor away for free ? ) Needless to say we had a great time as well.
In other news the song "Daddy-O" is currently featured on a compilation CD entitled "Arizona Swings". This CD showcases the talent and diversity of several swing bands that call Arizona home. If your so inclined to purchase a copy you should be able to find one in record stores throughout Phoenix and Tucson. Until next time in the immortal words of Jerry Springer "Take care of yourself and each other."
Welcome to the first installment of our online news letter.Those of you who are on our mailing list know that periodically we send out a news letter, that not only contains concert dates, but also lets you know what is going on with the band. This is going to be similar with the exception that we will try to update this page every couple of weeks, ( as opposed to every couple of months ). At the bottom of the page you will find links to our new guestbook. This feature will allow you to post messages to the band or anyone, for that matter, about any damn thing you want. These pages will not be censored ! With that said lets get on with the news.
Things have really been going well. The band has been getting good radio response from both college and commercial radio. The song "The Perpetrator" was even added to regular rotation at KFMA. If you want to hear us (or any band besides Bush or Radiohead) on a radio near you, remember ya got to call in and request it. In related news the CD received some great reviews. We've also just been informed that the song "Swamp Thang" is going to be included on Ska The Third Wave Volume Five "Swing It" to be released by Skanchie/Beloved Records. This CD should be in record stores everywhere in the very near future. Last but not least, the band has been having a blast on our miniature road trips. We have seen a lot of old friends and made some new ones along the way. We just want to thank everyone for the hospitality. Hopefully we'll see you sometime soon !